Reasons to Choose Levin Papantonio

When hiring a lawyer, it’s important to take your time and perform research. Review each firm’s website for its experience, success, and fees. Meet with the staff. Ask a lot of questions, and determine who you feel most comfortable trusting.

Remember, any lawyer can advertise for your case, but few have the ability to properly handle your specific facts and claim. Make sure you select a law firm that has the qualifications and resources to succeed on your behalf.


Why Choose Us

Our Attorneys



For 62 years, our lawyers have successfully assisted thousands of clients throughout the country in cases involving prescription drugs, medical devices, consumer protection, auto accidents, medical malpractice and workers compensation, winning more than $4 billion in jury verdicts and settlements. Many firms advertise they handle personal injury cases, but relatively few have the resources, knowledge, and skill to overcome the obstacles the other side will create.




Named “One of America’s Most Winning Law Firms” by the National Law Journal, our firm is well known and respected throughout the legal community in the area of personal injury law. One or more of our attorneys are listed in Best Lawyers in America; National Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame; National Law Journal Elite Trial Lawyers; Martindale-Hubbell Preeminent Woman Lawyer; and SuperLawyers.

Additionally, our attorneys have been featured in numerous national news programs and magazines such as CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes magazine, Time magazine, National Law Journal, and US magazine.




In complex injury litigation, federal judges often select a small number of lawyers to conduct the national investigation on behalf of the thousands of people injured. Judges require this small group of chosen lawyers to have the experience, resources, and expertise to handle the national litigation. To date, our law firm attorneys have been selected by federal judges more than 40 times. For a list of these cases, click Court Appointments.

Our lawyers have served as judges, law professors, legal scholars, and community activists. We are the founder of Mass Torts Made Perfect, which is a national seminar attended by approximately 800 lawyers twice per year where we help teach the successful handling of personal injury cases against the world’s largest companies.



Fees & Resources

Pursuing claims for individuals who have been seriously injured requires substantial financial resources as well as a team of skilled lawyers, support staff and experts who have handled the same type litigation many times. We have 35 personal injury attorneys, 6 investigators, and 2 medical staff all working as one team for you.

Yet, we always provide you an absolute free and confidential consult even if you decide not to hire us. If we are fortunate enough for you to retain us, you pay no fees or costs unless you first recover. For a detailed discussion on our fees and costs, which range from 20% – 40% depending upon the amount you recover, click Fees & Costs.




Our firm provides each client the individual attention they need and deserve. We keep our clients informed of the progress of their cases, and speak with our clients honestly and straightforward about the likelihood of success and the length of time it will take. The bottom line, we treat clients the way they should be treated – with dignity, respect and concern.