What Clients Say About Us

You saved my life. I was in a state of fear. I was a lay person all alone. I was naïve and you all met with me and reassured me I was okay and a victim who needed to take care of my mental health caused by the trauma of a horrible car accident. I needed that support; the fear was unreal and without the year of counseling I would not have been able to be changed but whole again. Rachael Gilmer always took my calls and sent the letter that made the vultures back off and she sent me the letter that said it is over. You all are good people. I am grateful you are in our community protecting the vulnerable and wronged. I know you are heroes for many. I know there are far worse tragedies and I am soooo lucky, but for me this was a defining moment in my life and I am glad you were there to act with grace when I could not. It may not have seemed Like a big deal to you but it was to me. It really was!
Aisha A.


On behalf of my father, Mr. José M Pérez, he wanted me to tell you that the entire process with Levin Papantonio Rafferty had been very good. He was pleased with the end result and very grateful for your help. He also told me that the lawyer in Puerto Rico, Attorney John Nevares and his team were very professional and friendly.
Alejandro P.
I know that you worked on this tirelessly for all the days, nights, months and years, eight to be exact, entering your personal time with unnerving relent. There are no words from my heart that could fully express all that you, and your team, have done to justify Adriana’s existence. Frankly, it is still very painful to yet another finality of her spirit and soul, which will, of course, never cease. . . . I am forever in your debt for overcoming all the obstacles that should never have been in place to begin with, if the pharmaceutical companies were actually humanitarians.
AnnMarie L.
Peter Mougey - your tenacity and profound knowledge in dealing with FINRA and Financial institutions make you an exceptional attorney. When you first took my case, I felt confident and unworried. You kept me well informed throughout the entire legal process and were always available to clear my concerns. You genuinely cared and worked tirelessly. I have and will recommend you to anyone seeking help to recover losses, for the best results. I would also like to mention and give thanks to Attorney Michael Bixby and your wonderful staff Natalie Alvarado, Martha Miller, Belika Pineda (even though she is no longer with your team) and last but foremost, the always kind and professional, Patrick Barrett.
Billy P.
I was honored to have such an extraordinary and elite attorney. You worked extremely hard and you were faithful and committed. You kept things moving in a timely fashion. You will never be forgotten.
Anthony L.
I would like to congratulate you for the splendid results of the claim. At all times you were available to answer any questions. I was informed and given the choice of what were the possible routes to take whenever there were different actions possible. I want to thank you, your staff and the firm for an outstanding performance, professionalism and effective negotiation. My sincerest thanks and admiration.
 Fernando P.
I served 20 years in the U.S. Army and during that time I served 2 tours in Vietnam as a Platoon Sgt of an aero scout platoon assigned to the 1st Air Cavalry Division. Our Division did an assault on Ah Shau Valley in 1968. When it was over and we returned to base camps the Commanding General visited our little platoon and said that everyone involved an “attaboy.” I didn’t know it at the time but every time we finished a combat mission that phrase became something that we sought. It just meant so much to be recognized for doing what we were best at. A simple phrase uttered with respect for what we had accomplished. After Vietnam that phrase became moot. So why do I give Levin Papantonio attorney Timothy O’Brien an “attaboy?” He truly is one of those rare individuals who gives that extra 10% that is so often sought but seldom found. I believe that Tim is one who truly practices “putting the Personal into Personnel.” From the very beginning it was as though our case was the only one he was working on.
Clay G.
Thank you very much for the quality of service and dedication given to my case when you represented me. Michael Bixby, Peter Mougey and team are very responsible, organized, and efficient with great knowledge on the subject of Securities. The level of communication maintained was very good.
Edda R.
We are so thankful for your countless hours of time and her dedication to us during this ordeal. She has a heart of gold and her integrity sets her apart. . . . At a time when nothing seemed certain, Virginia provided me a caring ear and encouragement which was critical to my well-being and emotional wellness. She brings her whole heart with her and makes you feel as though you’re the reason she woke up that day.
Charmaine R.
I want to express my deepest appreciation for all the hard work you and your team did for my father. I can’t tell you the words to tell you how impressed I was with the passion that you showed through the process. While I know that this is what you do for a living, it is obvious that you care deeply about your clients. In every conversation, and particularly at mediation, it was clear to me that you do this out of deep compassion for the fair treatment of your clients.
Carol W. & Ernest S.
The decision to pursue legal claims on my behalf and my beloved wife was a very difficult one particularly because, among other reasons, I thought it would demand stressful, emotional and time-consuming efforts for many years. I did research to identify local and stateside counsel to retain, and fortunately was invited to a presentation made by Levin Law Firm in Puerto Rico. It was evident to me that our interests would be in the best hands and advice by hiring Levin Law, led by attorneys Peter Mougey and Michael Bixby, with local counsel Nevares Law. They certainly proved me right (in my decision) and their performance highly exceeded my expectations. At no time I felt that our case was "one more" being handled by Levin-- to the contrary, professionalism and sensibility were continuously present from all at Levin, including counsel, and all the staff that intervened during all the matters relevant to our case. At the end (much sooner than I originally expected) as a result of very well carried mediation, a very good settlement stipulation was agreed. I have no words to describe my appreciation for your successful representation of our claims. In our behalf, including all my adult children, please accept my most sincere thanks and be assured that I shall recommend Levin Law without any hesitation.
Jorge P & Bernice C.
I'm very grateful for the services received from the Levin Papantonio Rafferty law firm and their excellent attorneys Peter Mougey, Michael Bixby and team. They were always focused on maximizing my claim during the mediation process with UBS and I was always kept informed throughout the whole process which made my life much easier.
Jose C.