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Since 1955, Levin Papantonio has earned a reputation as one of the most successful law firms in America.

We represent clients in all 50 states and have helped to secure more than $80 billion in jury verdicts and settlements. We specialize in cases involving prescription drugs, medical devices, defective products, consumer protection, and all other types of claims involving personal injury.

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Class Actions

A class action is a type of lawsuit where a few individuals represent the interest of many individuals who were harmed through similar conduct. The individuals pursuing the class action are called class representatives or lead plaintiffs. The individuals not named in the lawsuit but who are also entitled to potential recovery are called class members.

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Drug Injuries

We have been representing personal injury clients against the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world since 1955. Each year we help teach more than 1,500 attorneys how to successfully handle these types of cases.

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Environmental Claims

An important area of the law in which our firm is playing a leading role is environmental litigation. We file these cases on behalf of individuals who have been physically injured or suffered property damage as a result of toxic contamination.

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Exploitation & Abuse

Our accomplishments in personal injury law have been featured on CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS & NBC. Our lawyers have appeared in The Wall Street Journal; The New York Times; Forbes magazine; Time magazine; National Law Journal; and US magazine.

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Our firm is synonymous with next-level courtroom talent and is routinely selected to try some of the country’s most complex cases.

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Medical Devices

America has the most expensive medical system in the world. Manufacturers justify this by claiming they are innovating, producing, and selling the most advanced medical devices in the world. What they don't say is that they often sell these expensive devices to patients without proper testing, and even after they discover the devices are actually causing injury.

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Personal Injury

Suffering a personal injury can be a life-changing event. It's a very difficult time for those involved, especially when the injury is caused by someone else's fault. The last thing individuals want to deal with is the financial problems caused by the injury and talking with an insurance company. This is where we can help.

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Product Liability

America survives and thrives when manufacturers innovate, produce, and sell their products. This is a good thing. What is not good is when corporations profit off products they know are defective, harmful, and are injuring innocent people. The civil justice system often is the only way to hold these companies accountable for the harm they cause.

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We have received over 150 jury verdicts throughout the country in the amount of $1 million or more and achieved verdicts and settlements in excess of $40 billion. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in securities and investment fraud cases.

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We have been handling claims on behalf of United States service members and veterans for more than 70 years, and have earned a reputation as one of the most successful law firms in the nation, winning more than $40 billion dollars in jury verdicts and settlements.

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Workers Comp and SS Disability

Our law firm takes Workers' Compensation and Social Security Disability cases very seriously. With extensive experience and a commitment to client advocacy, we provide personalized legal support to help you secure the benefits and compensation you deserve. Let us guide you through every step of your claim process.

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