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What Clients Say About Us

Over the past 68 years, Levin Papantonio Rafferty has successfully represented thousands of clients throughout America in every type of personal injury claim.

We do our best to provide our clients with the individual attention, dignity, and respect they deserve. We keep them informed and speak honestly about the time it will take to resolve their individual cases and their likelihood of success.

Below are some of the letters and emails we have received from clients.

Thank You

You saved my life. I was in a state of fear. I was a lay person all alone. I was naïve and you all met with me and reassured me I was okay and a victim who needed to take care of my mental health caused by the trauma of a horrible car accident. I needed that support; the fear was unreal and without the year of counseling I would not have been able to be changed but whole again. Rachael Gilmer always took my calls and sent the letter that made the vultures back off and she sent me the letter that said it is over. You all are good people. I am grateful you are in our community protecting the vulnerable and wronged. I know you are heroes for many. I know there are far worse tragedies and I am soooo lucky, but for me this was a defining moment in my life and I am glad you were there to act with grace when I could not. It may not have seemed Like a big deal to you but it was to me. It really was! Aisha A.

I want to express my deepest appreciation for all the hard work you and your team did for my father. I can’t tell you the words to tell you how impressed I was with the passion that you showed through the process. While I know that this is what you do for a living, it is obvious that you care deeply about your clients. In every conversation, and particularly at mediation, it was clear to me that you do this out of deep compassion for the fair treatment of your clients. Carol W. & Ernest S.

To simply say thank you is to minimize what I feel right now. You guys have walked through my husband's life, death, our families suffering and loss of him for almost 10 years now. You and your team bypass Counselors. You have been our lawyers, our friends, and our family. My children and I love all of you. Of course, I now have one more regret to add to the loss of Lamar: I regret that he did not get to meet you guys face to face. I pray Jesus allowed him to get a glimpse of everything you guys did in his honor from Heaven. He would love each of you and be appreciative for the way you have handled our case and dealt with each of us as individual. Micah D.

I know that you worked on this tirelessly for all the days, nights, months and years, eight to be exact, entering your personal time with unnerving relent. There are no words from my heart that could fully express all that you, and your team, have done to justify Adriana’s existence. Frankly, it is still very painful to yet another finality of her spirit and soul, which will, of course, never cease. . . . I am forever in your debt for overcoming all the obstacles that should never have been in place to begin with, if the pharmaceutical companies were actually humanitarians. AnnMarie L.

When I received the GranuFlo/NaturaLyte settlement letter from your law firm I cried. Instead of being tears of sadness -it was a victory cry because it was legal validation that my husband didn't have to die so young. Words cannot express how much my son and I appreciate you and your team. Receiving the money will impact our future in all the right ways. Rhonda B.

I am honored to write this testimonial as a small thank you to my attorneys Mr. Peter Mougey and Mr. Michael Bixby and to their incredible team. Five years ago, I was abruptly terminated from my job of 20 years. I suddenly found myself at the age of 60 with no means of support and a terminally ill husband at home. Within the next six months I would lose everything including my dear husband of 35 years. In the beginning I was advised to seek legal advice but was hesitant to do so. I had never done anything like this before and I did not think I had the strength to fight this battle. From the first phone call I knew I was not alone. They listened to me and I truly believe this became personal for them. They felt very strongly that I have been wronged and they set out to make this right for me. Over the next few years, they built their case. I was constantly kept informed every step of the way. When I had questions, they were always answered. Many times we spoke at night or on the weekend when they should have been with their families but they were taking care of me – consoling me, reassuring me and encouraging me that together we would get through this and we did. In January of 2018 our case was won, and I knew I would be okay. I will always have scars that will never go away but my strong faith in God continues to get me through each day. There are really no words to adequately express my gratitude to everyone who worked on my case. They believed in me and made this right for me. Since this is a testimonial and may be read by someone trying to make a decision to choose this firm, I only have two words, TRUST THEM – they will take care of you! Lynn M.

Please accept my deepest thanks and gratitude for the way your firm has handled my lawsuit. I turned to your law firm based on your reputation and it proved to be the right decision.  I suspect you are old school like me.  I still believe the best contract is a handshake.  I still believe in people and accept them for who they are until they prove themselves wrong . . . I turned to your firm in desperation, not really expecting to gain anything, but trusting in God to help me make the right decision. From our first (and only) visit to your firm we were treated with the utmost respect, listened to intently and treated as if our case was as important to the firm as any other case.  Every attorney, every clerical person we have talked to or corresponded with since then has been courteous, efficient and left the impression my wife and I were important to them. Jerry and Sara C.

I'm very grateful for the services received from the Levin Papantonio Rafferty law firm and their excellent attorneys Peter Mougey, Michael Bixby and team. They were always focused on maximizing my claim during the mediation process with UBS and I was always kept informed throughout the whole process which made my life much easier. Jose C.

The purpose of my letter is to advise you of the extreme satisfaction I have with your firm in the handling of my accident case. . . . I just cannot espouse the accolades I have . . . . Handled my case in a totally professional manner seeking every avenue to obtain maximum benefit for me . . . Caring and concerned attitude . . . Would keep me abreast of any happenings in my case. I cannot be more appreciative. It was not a large case. Ron W., LT., USN (Retired)

You gave me advice and direction at a time when I was completely lost, totally stressed, and very nervous. I truly appreciate the help you offered. Your calls made a big difference in helping me navigate through this crummy situation and helped calm me as well. Joe R.

Thanks for all your assistance and help on our case. We were grateful for your compassion, expertise and skill in working through our particular issue. We are more than happy with our conclusion. Fred F.

The decision to pursue legal claims on my behalf and my beloved wife was a very difficult one particularly because, among other reasons, I thought it would demand stressful, emotional and time-consuming efforts for many years. I did research to identify local and stateside counsel to retain, and fortunately was invited to a presentation made by Levin Law Firm in Puerto Rico. It was evident to me that our interests would be in the best hands and advice by hiring Levin Law, led by attorneys Peter Mougey and Michael Bixby, with local counsel Nevares Law. They certainly proved me right (in my decision) and their performance highly exceeded my expectations. At no time I felt that our case was "one more" being handled by Levin-- to the contrary, professionalism and sensibility were continuously present from all at Levin, including counsel, and all the staff that intervened during all the matters relevant to our case. At the end (much sooner than I originally expected) as a result of very well carried mediation, a very good settlement stipulation was agreed. I have no words to describe my appreciation for your successful representation of our claims. In our behalf, including all my adult children, please accept my most sincere thanks and be assured that I shall recommend Levin Law without any hesitation. Jorge P & Bernice C.

We are so thankful for your countless hours of time and her dedication to us during this ordeal. She has a heart of gold and her integrity sets her apart. . . . At a time when nothing seemed certain, Virginia provided me a caring ear and encouragement which was critical to my well-being and emotional wellness. She brings her whole heart with her and makes you feel as though you’re the reason she woke up that day. Charmaine R.

I am so appreciative of the hard work and dedication that you put forth on my case. I cannot thank you enough for making my mom and I feel so comfortable throughout this whole process. You are one amazing lawyer. I wish you the best and I wanted to let you know that I will never forget you! Shelly R.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank your firm for the Outstanding efforts by your firm on behalf of my wife! This was a time of great hardship for my wife and myself. She had a serious stroke, multiple surgery’s, DVT’s and was given less than 50/50 to live, but after 43 days in the hospital she has continued to improve over the last 6yrs. After 25yrs in corporate America, I have had a great number of interactions with law firms, both business and personal. NEVER, have I had the pleasure of working with 2 such great professionals, that were of course knowledgeable, but supported us in every way. Mike O.

Thank you very much for the quality of service and dedication given to my case when you represented me. Michael Bixby, Peter Mougey and team are very responsible, organized, and efficient with great knowledge on the subject of Securities. The level of communication maintained was very good. Edda R.

I want you to know how very much we appreciate all of the effort you and your staff put into making sure that my social security disability application was approved. We wasted three years with the previous attorney who didn't do a fraction of what you and your staff did for us in two years. You all seem to genuinely care about us as people, not just a job. We have already recommended you to others and will continue to do so. Never forget that what you do really changes peoples' lives. Jacob W.

I would like to say that you all provided me with the best service. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I am thankful my brother-in-law told my husband about your firm. I received great results with Mrs. Kimberly Adams representing me in my case. Her staff Mrs. Silva was wonderful also through the whole time. I also had some communication with Lisa McLemore. She was great too! All I can say is thank you all for a job well done. I pray God continually bless this firm. Jewel M.

At a time in our life when we were most vulnerable we lost control of our finances. We fell victim to a broker that took huge commissions and did not disclose that we were not able to access our money. Peter Mougey and his wonderful staff worked with us to make us whole again and got our money released. I cannot say enough about their work ethic, professionalism, and kindness during this stressful time for us. We had a 100% positive conclusion to our case and we strongly recommend Peter and the firm. We can now sleep at night! Fred & Pat H.

This law firm has been nothing but exemplary. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone, this would be the only firm I recommend. My attorney Chris Paulos represented me well, always had my best interest in my case. Now let me talk about my paralegal Cody Hartzog. The best paralegal I have ever came across. Very knowledgeable, polite, always answered your questions, always called you back or answered your email. He has gone past the call of duty. I am a former combat marine and Cody can fight in my foxhole anytime. Then there was Shenequa Stanley another excellent employee she did the same as Cody but I talked to Cody more because he was handling my case. This firm is nothing but the best. I would do a commercial for this firm if I was asked. Thank you for all you do and did!!! Joe B.

I served 20 years in the U.S. Army and during that time I served 2 tours in Vietnam as a Platoon Sgt of an aero scout platoon assigned to the 1st Air Cavalry Division. Our Division did an assault on Ah Shau Valley in 1968. When it was over and we returned to base camps the Commanding General visited our little platoon and said that everyone involved an “attaboy.” I didn’t know it at the time but every time we finished a combat mission that phrase became something that we sought. It just meant so much to be recognized for doing what we were best at. A simple phrase uttered with respect for what we had accomplished. After Vietnam that phrase became moot. So why do I give Levin Papantonio attorney Timothy O’Brien an “attaboy?” He truly is one of those rare individuals who gives that extra 10% that is so often sought but seldom found. I believe that Tim is one who truly practices “putting the Personal into Personnel.” From the very beginning it was as though our case was the only one he was working on. Clay G.

I would like to congratulate you for the splendid results of the claim. At all times you were available to answer any questions. I was informed and given the choice of what were the possible routes to take whenever there were different actions possible. I want to thank you, your staff and the firm for an outstanding performance, professionalism and effective negotiation. My sincerest thanks and admiration. Fernando P.

Michael Bixby was a great help in solving my attempt to recover some of my lost retirement funds. He and his Firm did a wonderful job for me and in the end made every effort to get my recovered monies available to me very quickly after the settlement. I would highly recommend him and his firm to anyone seeking to recover lost money. James H.

My claim was handled in a very professional manner. The process was explained in advance, and I was kept in the loop. My questions were answered in a timely manner. I appreciate what was done on my behalf. Peggy A.

On behalf of my father, Mr. José M Pérez, he wanted me to tell you that the entire process with Levin Papantonio Rafferty had been very good. He was pleased with the end result and very grateful for your help. He also told me that the lawyer in Puerto Rico, Attorney John Nevares and his team were very professional and friendly. Alejandro P.

Your perseverance is what made everything possible. You were the heart and soul of the amazing team we were all a part of. You mean so much to our family. Meeting your wife and your father meant a lot to all of us. You and your family will always be a part of ours. Mike & Verna H.

Thank you so much for all you have done regarding my deceased mother's pharmaceutical products injury case. My sisters and I are pleased with the financial outcome. The money is helping our family in so many ways. Our grandson is able to take a summer job out of state and my adult children have been able to use the money to help improve their lives. Mom would be pleased. Sherri M.

Peter Mougey - your tenacity and profound knowledge in dealing with FINRA and Financial institutions make you an exceptional attorney. When you first took my case, I felt confident and unworried. You kept me well informed throughout the entire legal process and were always available to clear my concerns. You genuinely cared and worked tirelessly. I have and will recommend you to anyone seeking help to recover losses, for the best results. I would also like to mention and give thanks to Attorney Michael Bixby and your wonderful staff Natalie Alvarado, Martha Miller, Belika Pineda (even though she is no longer with your team) and last but foremost, the always kind and professional, Patrick Barrett. Billy P.

The more than 1½ years when I was so ill as a reaction to my long term use of Azor prescribed for hypertension were the most difficult and grueling period of my life. My good health was restored at the beginning of 2018. However, I was not convinced I could cope with the recent memories and weakness from my illness to go through with preparing a claim. However, Levin Papantonio, Mr. Nigh, and the staff who worked with him, guided me with incomparable excellence and provided outstanding guidance and service to me in every aspect of the settlement process. My sincerest thanks and profound appreciation to all of you! Rosemary B.

I was honored to have such an extraordinary and elite attorney. You worked extremely hard and you were faithful and committed. You kept things moving in a timely fashion. You will never be forgotten. Anthony L.

We really appreciate all you’ve done for us. You stood by us all of this time. You did a wonderful job and the world needs more people like you. Melba & Bob E.

My husband and I were very pleased with the work that Peter and his team provided. He was very knowledgeable of the circumstances of our case and kept us informed throughout the process. He is extremely qualified and worked diligently on our behalf. We are positive that this case would not have been resolved in our favor had it not been for Peter's expertise and his passion. He definitely cares about his clients and we sincerely appreciate his efforts. Rachel C.

With profound gratitude, please let me cite the incredible work that both Robert Price and Crystal Johnson did on my personal injury case. As you know, the transvaginal mesh cases have been a bear to settle and/or take to trial. I was one of the lucky ones - not only to have Robert and Crystal on my side, but to have settled. The reality is that nothing will compensate me for what I have lost and will be dealing with for the rest of my life, but the settlement helps to bring closure to a very dark period. Throughout this experience, both Robert and Crystal were my personal cheerleaders, providing regular reassurance and diligent work over a nearly a five-year period. Liz R.

I want to let you know that I could've filled pockets, if empty, with the kindness and compassion I was shown, the professionalism I witnessed, and the - straight up - down to earth approach of this team. In a word - Outstanding. Daniel C.

My wife and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the attorneys, and their teams, with whom we worked at Levin, Papantonio, Rafferty. Their knowledge and expertise in the area of FINRA arbitration and securities litigation is outstanding. Our attorneys, Patrick Barrett, Peter Mougey, and Michael Bixby, among others, and their teams including Martha Miller and Natalie Alvarado, were exceptional. From day one, we had a high level of confidence that we would achieve a successful outcome. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of these attorneys, the settlement achieved on our behalf far exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Levin, Papantonio, Rafferty. David S.

I am writing to commend your associate, Lisa Haley, who has provided an exceptional level of caring and assistance with my mom's Xarelto claim. Lisa has been so helpful in terms of explaining what documentation was needed as well as next steps in the judicial process. More importantly, she has been easy to talk to and genuinely compassionate. I just shared the news of my mom's recent passing with her and she was a kind ear. In many ways, Lisa has been the "face" of your organization for both my mom and myself since we contacted Levin Law. She is an asset to your firm and I am glad that she was assigned to my mom's case. Tina K.

You have been absolutely wonderful through this whole thing. I can't thank all of you enough for your professionalism and genuine "HEART". Joan S.

We being persons not knowing anything about the law on these matters were very pleased to have someone in our corner we could count on. We thank them for their hard work. We would/do highly recommend Peter and his firm. We were very pleased with the outcome of our settlement. Larry B.

One last thing I would like to mention is the gratitude I have for you in winning my worker's comp case back in 2014. You definitely lived up to helping the little man as you always said, "No case is too small". I very much appreciate all you did for me, because without your help, I wouldn't be where I am at today, which is living a good life without financial worries. Thank you for being an attorney who cares about his clients. Bob V

I would like to personally give my deepest thanks to Virginia Buchanan, Brett Vigodsky, Debbie Bourne and the entire team at Levin Papantonio. As a client, I expect people to do their jobs and to do them well. What I found at the Levin Papantonio firm was a team that far exceeded my expectations from the time I was greeted to the end of my case. To put it one way, think of Levin Papantonio as one of the most precision made automobiles ever built. I expected it to be very appealing and luxurious on the inside as well as able to get me from point "A" to point "B". I can tell you as a client, that I was comfortably seated and surrounded by all the amenities of world class luxury while being blown away by the acceleration and the onboard navigation of my case. I had an opportunity to "peek under the hood" and meet some of the people at Levin Papantonio that make this automobile ride so smooth and so efficient. Incredible! so many parts moving that fast in perfect timing! If you want to win the race you have to have a finely tuned machine with the latest technology, a good team and a good driver. The Levin Papantonio firm has just that. I cannot thank all of you enough for everything you have done for me! Teddy A.

I want to personally thank you and your office for your time and efforts in all of this. I know it has been a long 5 years but I am happy with the outcome. Your entire staff have been very professional and helpful to me along the way with this entire process. Samantha N.

Long story short, I opted to retain Levin, and haven't looked back, and I have had no regrets. One thing I quickly learned was that Levin believes in communicating with their clients, and emails are always returned by the next day, and all calls were returned within 24-hours. . . . If I, a member of my family or close friend have need of representation for any medical claims, they will be the only firm I will recommend. To say I am satisfied with Brandon Bogle and the Levin-Papantonio firm is an understatement. They are the best. Rena M.

Edison's famous adage can't ever be ignored of course: 1 part inspiration and 99 parts perspiration. However the two attitudes must be present indissolubly--both are essential--if results are to be obtained. Peter Mougey’s group is aware of such a requirement, they work very hard at the latter, and the former comes easily to them, a rare combination anywhere to be found indeed. Raphael B.

Your team has been kind, responsive and willing to go the extra mile when other law firms refused to take my case. My family and I appreciate all that you have done for us. Now we can move on with our lives, thanks to you. Candice O.

I'm writing just to pass along a kind word about Virginia Buchanan with the Levin firm. Last June my father passed away undergoing a "routine" procedure at West Florida Hospital. We've hesitated pursuing anything legally, but our gut has told us something just wasn't right since it happened. My step mother recently contacted Ms. Buchanan and has been pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by the compassion and attention to detail that she's shown. . . . You have, as always, built a great team that preserves and promotes your high standards. Terry G.

Thank you for the great job you did in my settlement. You have been most patient, kind and pleasant over the years this has been on going. It is sincerely appreciated. Margee L.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Peter Mougey and your entire team on behalf of my family for the amazing job done during your representation. From day one I received kindness, rapid responses to all of my questions, with polite and patient encounters with all of your staff assistants. You are the best- and I will be eternally grateful to you and your entire team. Michelle E.

On behalf of my parents, I would like to thank you and the teams at Levin-Papantonio and JF Nevares & Asociados for reaching a favorable resolution in our case. We are very pleased with the settlement and are grateful for all your hard work. Orlando M.

Just a note to say what a pleasure it was to work with you and the great folks at Levin Law. Everyone seemed eager to help and so accommodating. Even though the task felt so overwhelming for me at times, the encouraging words from Kim, Kristian and others kept me motivated to move ahead. Thank you again for getting the claim settled in such a professional way. Bea P.

I give my thanks to you for your professional services and I am indebted to you for accepting my case. In addition, I feel the need to express my personal feelings and say I am very fond of you and Kristian.  The two of you make a good team and bring to your clients a feeling of security during what might be a stressful situation. Always, the best to the very finest. Otis B.

You are the Man!  You captured the attention of everyone around you!  You command the scene, and when I grow older I want to Be You!  You were really great. Thank you for everything.  If you run for office, I’ll vote for this man, You! Dr. Samir A.

Win, Lose or Draw.  I don’t think anyone; anywhere could have done this thing better than you.  I am the lucky one. You are the best. Thank you very much, Philip

She and her team shows compassion and determination for her clients. I know she worked hard on my behalf. She was easy to communicate with and was really prompt at returning e-mails and phone calls. I would say 100% she is someone who you can trust. I would recommend her and the firm (Levin Law) over any other firm around. Theresa G.

Although early in his career, he proved himself exceedingly well against more seasoned but far less knowledgeable attorneys. He brings an uncanny wisdom and logic to the table as well as an unbelievable work ethic. HE SAVED OUR BUTTS! Chad

FRS is a governmental body. FRS retained the services of Peter Mougey of the LP law firm in a multimillion dollar lawsuit involving extremely complex issues. Mr. Mougey quickly mastered the issues and gave advice that was vital in bringing about a successful resolution. Two of the most important features of Mr. Mougey’s representation was his understanding of government and his ability to communicate complicated legal concepts to a 10-member board of trustees in language that was easily understood by all. I did not know Mr. Mougey before FRS retained him and, fortunately, have not experienced circumstances where the system would need his services again. However, if needed, I would have no hesitation in retaining his services again. Please let me know if you need any additional information or assistance. Steven S.

Throughout the time Virginia Buchanan has helped me, she has also shown herself to be a good and conscientious person … rather than just a good attorney. She has responded quickly to my emails and phone calls, taken her time to answer my questions fully, and demonstrated her sincere concern for me and my son as people rather than just clients. Shirley G.

Levin did me right. My injury case was small. So small that other lawyers would of walked away from it. . . . I am happy to say that they are the best I have ever seen. Zachary B.

I have a client who lost her husband in a motor vehicle accident where the other party was at fault. Martin Levin was able to secure a seven-figure settlement for her and her children. While she can never replace the physical and emotional loss of her husband she has been able to continue her families lifestyle providing college educations to her children and maintaining her standard of living. Madison C.

Great law firm. I have a wonderful attorney who is working diligently for me. Maggie G.

We worked with Mr. Levin for many years and there is no one any nicer or more knowledgeable in law or business. All of the people at Levin Law follow his lead and treat customers with great respect and guidance. Their record and reputation speaks for itself. James B.

I have had several experiences with the law firm, and each time they have exceeded my expectations. Truly top notch. Sam G.

The resources, number of attorneys and staff dedicated to our case was impressive. The research was flawless. The preparation and use of video equipment was phenomenal. Peter’s presentation and cross examination was as if scripted for television. At the end of the Arbitration, before a decision was rendered, I told the Team, that they had done a great job, that I was proud of their effort and that I was convinced that we had won. The result is that we won “Big”. There is no doubt in my mind that I had made the right decision in selecting Peter and his Team to represent me and I would highly recommend to anyone in need of great representation. Thank You Peter and Company. Luis M.

The attorneys from Levin Papantonio took my case…..and we won! This case was unprecedented. They recovered 80% of the loss I incurred from the brokerage firm, UBS. The legal team led by attorney Peter Mougey is completely professional and presented a fully documented case where the attorneys for UBS were not able to contradict - EVER! I always kept my faith and confidence in the team and I was never afraid that I would lose this case. During the two-week arbitration, Peter Mougey and the entire team kept us informed step-by-step at all times. I recommend attorney Peter Mougey and his team. Carlos M.

I had a close relationship with my financial advisor, and it was a relationship that made me trust his advice and the company he represented. And with that advice, I lost a substantial amount of money with the fall on the value of Puerto Rico’s bonds. But thanks to the Levin Papantonio law firm, I recovered approximately 80% of my losses in addition to the fees and expenses of the trial were covered too with FINRA‘s award. Thanks to the extraordinary work of Peter Mougey and Levin Papantonio, I was able to recover the majority of my losses and I was able to start again. Obdulio R.

Peter Mougey worked with me for five years on a case. My situation was complex and arduous. The empathy I received was unexpected and so appreciated. The quality of work on my case was remarkable and as a result, I won my trial. There are not enough words to explain how grateful I am to have had Peter Mougey represent me as my attorney. Rhea K.

Peter Mougey’s research and analytical skills produced results. Knowing that Mr. Mougey and his team were on our side put our minds at ease, as they were always available to address our questions and concerns. I am very thankful that he fought for our rights against the "big guys" and won. Colleen G.

I found Mr. Bixby to be very straight forward and professional with what I could expect from this lawsuit. He did not make promises or lead me on about the amount I might recover. Overall I was satisfied with his and his firm's handling of my case. Sandra C.

The legal representation provided to my wife and I by Michael Bixby and the Levin Law firm in a recent class action suit was exceptional. Michael kept us up to date on the status of the suit and always answered our questions promptly. I would not hesitate to recommend this attorney and The Levin Law firm to anyone needing legal representation. David S.

Michael Bixby and his team at Levin, Papantonio, etc., were great to work with on our claim. They kept us advised on a timely basis. We really didn’t expect much to come from our claim and were pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Again, loved working with them. Deb S.

I would like to thank Attorney Michael Bixby for taking my case. With his team he recovered money that I considered lost to me. I pray I never have this problem again, but would recommend him and his team to all. Thank you. R. Stewart

I engaged Michael Bixby to pursue an investment fraud claim. He and his staff were most courteous and helpful. They were successful in getting a timely settlement. I would not hesitate to consult them again if the need arose. R. Cohan, M.D.

The experience with Peter Mougey, Michael Bixby and their team was super effective. They were diligent and always reported the status of the case. We are very pleased with their work, performance and the outcome of our case. B. Torre

I am very satisfied and I recommend the services of Mr. Mougey and Mr. Bixby. I was informed throughout the whole process which ended with a favorable result. All services were confidential and very professional. J. Hernandez - Guaynabo

On behalf of my family and myself, I want to thank Peter Mougey, Michael Bixby and team for all the support and personal treatment that they gave us during the negotiations with UBS and ML. Thankfully we were favored and recovered some of our losses in our Puerto Rican investments. We not only received professional treatment from the lawyers but also a very personal and friendly treatment from the entire team. Once again, I thank you. Isabel C.

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