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Co-Counseling with Levin Papantonio Rafferty

For many law firms, the best results often can be achieved by co-counseling with an established mass torts and class action law firm. Over the past 35 years, we have proudly paid hundreds of millions of dollars in co-counsel fees.

Since 1955, Levin Papantonio Rafferty has earned a reputation as one of the most successful personal injury law firms in the nation. Our attorneys handle claims throughout the country involving prescription drugs, medical devices, defective products, consumer protection, and all other types of personal injury claims.

We are the founder of Mass Torts Made Perfect. This is a national conference attended by 2,000 lawyers each year where we help to teach how to successfully handle lawsuits against the largest companies in the world.

To date, our attorneys have been selected for leadership roles in more than 65 MDLs and national class actions. You can view our judicial appointments at Levin Papantonio Rafferty Leadership positions.

We are listed in Best Lawyers in America; National Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame; America's Elite Trial Lawyers; U.S. News & World Report Best Law Firms; Martindale-Hubbell Preeminent Woman Attorney; and SuperLawyers.

We have won more than $30 billion in jury verdicts and settlements, and have been in business for more than 68 years.

One or more of our attorneys are licensed to practice law in the following states: Alabama, California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Ohio, and Oregon. We have handled cases in virtually all 50 states.


Contact Us

To contact us for a potential co-counseling relationship, please call our partner Kim Adams who heads our co-counseling relationships and intake department. She can be reached at (850) 435-7056 and


What We Do For You and Your Clients

When you enter a co-counsel arrangement with Levin Papantonio Rafferty, you can be assured that your clients receive the best possible care and results.

Our commitment to you and your clients begins the moment you contact us. Our intake department, led by partner Kim Adams, utilizes the most advanced technology to make sure each potential client is immediately contacted and all pertinent information is recorded. Based on specific criteria for each project, a decision is promptly made regarding the statute of limitations issues and whether the potential client qualifies for representation.

All individuals who contact our law firm receive an immediate notification of the law firm’s decision on whether the firm is in a position to represent them. Contracts are written to ensure compliance with state and bar association rules and to clearly address issues such as fees, costs, and limitation of representation.

Our law firm assigns a team to work on each project, with multiple lawyers and legal assistants managing each case. Our team handles every aspect of mass tort and class action litigation, from pleadings and discovery to leading jury trials, negotiating case resolution, and making a proper distribution of funds.

Our professionalism, systems, and safeguards are built upon decades of experience, all of which will benefit you and your clients.