DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuits

Levin Papantonio continues to play an active and dynamic role in the leadership of multi district litigation 2197, known as the DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., ASR Hip Implant Products Liability Litigation.

Summary of the DePuy hip replacement lawsuit  to date:

•   Plaintiffs have deposed 12 key DePuy corporate executives and Dr. Thomas Schmalzried, the surgeon given primary credit for designing the ASR; 

•   Levin Papantonio and the MDL Plaintiff’s Team will depose 10  more key DePuy executives over the next two months;

•   We anticipate Judge David Katz in the Northern District of Ohio will soon issue an order setting forth a Bellwether trial calendar with MDL Bellwether trials starting in early 2013; 

•   MDL discovery efforts have gathered 28 million pages of documents; MDL Plaintiff’s Team has reviewed approximately 20 million pages thus far; and  

•   Levin Papantonio attorneys continue to find “hot” documents that expose the wrongful conduct of DePuy’s marketing, research and development teams

Since the DePuy hip implant recall, our firm has attained a significant number of cases and continues to pursue the manufacturer of this device for injuries related to the failure of this device and underlying severe problems such as chronic inflammation, necrotic tissue, and metallosis.

Day-to-day litigation of these cases involves anticipating the needs of clients that continue to suffer the effects of this poorly designed and dangerous product.  Daniel Nigh has reviewed numerous scientific articles and spoken with key experts and can help shine some light on whether a patient is or is not receiving the proper diagnostic tests or whether those tests are being interpreted improperly.  The Levin Papantonio law firm has a large network of health care consultants that can assist with obtaining clients a second opinion by surgeons who have done the necessary research to understand the complications caused by metal-on-metal implants and the proper ways to diagnose the condition. 

 Please contact Daniel Nigh or Ben Gordon if you need assistance, have questions, or want the latest information pertaining to these cases.;

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