Did you have any financial losses with former Triad advisor Guy Anthony Harrigan?

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Guy Anthony Harrigan is a former financial advisor for Triad Advisors, Inc, and is currently employed by Lion Street Financial. Harrigan has over 34 years of experience with over 13 different firms. Within the past couple of years, Harrigan has been the subject of multiple customer disputes, with two pending matters now.

In September of 2021, a former customer filed a customer dispute regarding Guy Anthony Harrigan. The former customer explains that Harrigan’s recommendations of certain REITS and other investments were not suitable for the client’s “needs and objectives”. Harrigan didn’t provide the appropriate due diligence when providing information on investment products.

In October of 2022, another customer dispute was filed against Harrigan. The claimants allege that certain investment recommendations made by Harrigan weren’t keeping up with the investment needs and objectives. They also claimed that their portfolio was “over-concentrated in high-risk, complicated investments. The claimants are requesting $100,000 dollars in damages.

The following year, Harrigan received yet another customer dispute. The claimants allege that the damages were due to the “unsuitable sale of alternative investments. The claimants are seeking more than $300,000 dollars in damages.

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