Governmental Entity Litigation

Since 1955, Levin Papantonio Rafferty (LPR) has successfully represented almost 2,000 states, tribes, counties, municipalities, and pension systems. Our firm is synonymous with next-level courtroom talent and is routinely selected to try some of the country’s most complex cases.

Our Governmental Entity Department focuses this talent and experience on fighting to recover damages for governmental bodies that have been impacted by corporate negligence or wrongdoing.

We Represent Governmental Entities Financially Struck by Corporate Wrongdoing

Our extensive trial experience encompasses a broad range of issues, including:

We Provide Solutions Across Industry Sectors

LPR is not a niche firm focusing on specific industries but rather a solution-based law firm uniquely tailored to achieving results across all industry sectors. We deliver comprehensive, high-quality legal representation tailored to the challenges faced by governmental entities.

Our Knowledge Stems from Experience Representing Government Entities

Understanding the unique pressures of public entities—regulatory compliance, budget constraints, and public opinion—we efficiently maximize resources and maintain accountability. Our firm is well-equipped to navigate the intricate web of legal and political challenges while focusing on the outcome. Trials are our specialty, and we have a proven track year record over almost 70 years.

We Power Our Cases With Big Data

Big data is a common component of large complex litigation. LPR’s litigation strategy often includes in-house data analysts and investigators who work side-by-side with the trial teams and almost 250 support staff.

Too often, the “smoking gun” of a case is buried in billions of lines of data rather than in a memo or an email. Our firm’s litigation team is skilled at using data to unearth the true liability story.

Example of Big Data Put to the Test: National Opioid Addiction

In the nationwide opioid litigation, our firm managed over 2 billion lines of data, tracking every pill manufactured in the United States as it moved through the supply chain to distributors, then pharmacies, and then matched prescriptions to problem doctors and de-identified patients.

The data mapping was then assimilated on top of the defendants’ suspicious order reports to create a clear path of undeniable notice. Judge Breyer described the evidence presented at trial as “not only adequate to establish Walgreen’s culpability – it was devastating.”

Our Group Has a Track Record of Results for Government Clients

No project is too big or too complicated for us. We thrive on the challenge, and we have a history of getting results.

National Opioid Addiction Lawsuits

Our firm represented more than 750 local governments, 9 states, and 15 tribes in the opioid litigation that resulted in almost $60 billion record-breaking recovery. LPR was selected to be on four of the first six trial teams and served as Co-Lead in two trials. Government Lawsuits Against Opioid Distributors & Manufacturers

Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Disaster Lawsuit

In the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster, LPR represented cities and counties, was selected as one of four law firms on the nationwide Executive Committee, and a Co-Lead in the bellwether trial. As one of the primary leaders of the litigation, we secured a multi-billion-dollar settlement. Oil Spill Attorneys

State of Florida: Big Tobacco Lawsuits

LPR has successfully litigated a broad range of different cases for public entities, dating back to the state of Florida in Big Tobacco as the primary architect of one of the first tobacco cases on file, recovering $11.3 billion. LPR Wins Tobacco Appeal

Municipalities: PFAS-Contaminated Water Systems Lawsuits

LPR is currently leading the charge in the ligation regarding the forever chemical PFAS where we were selected as Co-Lead of the very first trial, which resulted in a global settlement of $12.5 billion on the courthouse steps. PFAS Remediation Lawsuits

Cities and Counties: Insulin Overpricing Lawsuits

LPR is also currently investigating and pursuing claims regarding Insulin Overpricing and collusion on behalf of multiple cities and counties. Insulin Overpricing Lawsuits – Healthcare Plan Reimbursement

Meet the Governmental Entities Department Team

Governmental entities that come to us having suffered financial damage from a corporation’s acts of negligence or wrongdoing will be guided through the recovery process by a legal team of visionaries. The leaders of the Governmental Entities Department are attorneys who are highly respected throughout the industry, are consistently appointed to leadership positions in multidistrict litigation, and have proven their skills and savvy time and time again in major governmental lawsuits.

We Will Investigate and Litigate in Partnership With Your Governmental Entity

LPR is committed to supporting governmental entities. With decreasing budgets and shrinking resources, LPR is uniquely situated to bring a deep and highly sophisticated trial bench to investigate and litigate any industry sector in collaboration with governmental entities.

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