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Iraq War Veteran & Contractor Lawsuit

United States service members, veterans and contractors who were injured in the Iraq War or Afghanistan might be entitled to file a lawsuit and seek compensation against banks that helped fund terrorist groups.

Our legal team is actively filing claims under the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act against foreign banks that illegally financed Iran’s acts of terrorism during the Iraq War and in Afghanistan. Our team's complete website is available by clicking Iraq War FundTM.


Have any Banks Been Held Liable for U.S. Military Injuries

Banks Held Liable for Terrorism

As of this time, several banks have admitted to entering into criminal conspiracies with Iran to provide the country with billions of dollars in violation of U.S. and international laws, all while knowing Iran was a “State Sponsor of Terrorism” and a leading source of American injuries and casualties in the Iraq War and Afghanistan.

Iran used the cash to pay rewards to terrorists attacking U.S. and coalition forces. By conspiring with Iran, the following banks helped facilitate the attacks responsible for the majority of U.S. casualties in Iraq between 2003 and 2011.

  1. Barclays Plc.
  2. BNP Paribas S.A.
  3. Commerzbank A.G.
  4. Crédit Suisse AG and Crédit Suisse Asset Management Limited
  5. HSBC Holding Group Plc.
  6. Standard Chartered Bank Plc.

Who is Entitled to Bring a Claim

Iraq War Terrorism Claimants

U.S. veterans, service members, and civilian contractors who were injured or killed between 2003 and 2011 by Iranian-sponsored terrorism are entitled to seek compensation.

Potential claimants also include families, survivors, and dependents of veterans and contractors.

Why Choose Our Law Firm

Several law firms, of which we are just one, have joined together to take on this fight against some of the largest banks in the world.

Our team is being led by Gavriel Mairone, the founder of MM-Law, LLC, which is a law firm dedicated to advancing private human rights by representing victims of terrorism, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

In 2016, Mr. Mairone won Trial Lawyer of the Year by The Public Justice Foundation for his work in the case Linde v. Arab Bank. In this case, Mr. Mairone successfully represented 117 individuals who were injured in suicide bombings in Israel, and 440 family members of those injured or killed in the attacks.

Our law firm has been in existence more than 67 years, and considered a national leader in trial law. We have received well over 150 jury verdicts throughout the country in the amount of $1 million or more, and achieved verdicts and settlements in excess of $30 billion.

One or more of our attorneys are listed in Best Lawyers in America; National Trial Lawyers Association Hall of Fame; America's Elite Trial Lawyers by the National Law Journal; U.S. News & World Report Best Law Firms; Martindale-Hubbell Preeminent Woman Attorney; and SuperLawyers.

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Contact Information

To contact us for a free confidential consult, you can call us at (877) 587-5755 (toll free). You also can request a totally free and confidential consultation by visiting our official Iraq War FundTM website by clicking Anti-Terrorism Free Consultation.


What is the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act

Anti-Terrorism Act Solider Compensation

The United States Anti-Terrorism Act provides that any U.S. citizen or his/her survivors may file a lawsuit for injuries caused by an act of international terrorism. The law makes it a crime to for anyone to knowingly provide material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations.

In enacting this law, Congress recognized “that some foreign terrorist organizations, acting through affiliated groups or individuals, raise significant funds within the United States, or use the United States as a conduit for the receipt of funds raised in other nations.”


Getting Help for Depression and PTSD

veteran mental help

It's extremely common for military veterans to experience severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder upon returning to the United States from active duty service, especially those engaged in combat activity.

Symptoms most often include: (1) a feeling of hopelessness and seeing no reason to live; (2) anxiety, anger, rage, sleeplessness and mood swings; (3) increased alcohol or drug use; (4) withdrawing from family and friends; and (5) thoughts of hurting yourself or others.

You are not alone, and there is help. To talk with people who are there for you, visit the Veterans Crisis Line.

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