Legal Thriller Author Mike Papantonio’s Latest Novel “Suspicious Activity” Uncovers the World of Bank-Funded Terrorism

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Levin Papantonio Rafferty Attorney Mike Papantonio announces the release of his new book, Suspicious Activity. The work is an epic drama of intrigue, suspense, thrills, and legal combat—torn straight from today’s headlines about bank-funded terrorism.

Papantonio tapped the expertise of LPR Attorney Chris Paulos, who heads up the Counter-Terrorism unit at the law firm, as a Technical Consultant to ensure the book accurately depicts the real-world way in which financial institutions support terrorism in the name of profit.

Suspicious Activity brings readers in and keeps them turning pages—not only with a plot of burning contemporary relevance, but also with a cast of characters we have grown to love and admire in Papantonio’s previous legal thrillers: Deke Deketomis, managing partner for one of the nation’s largest plaintiffs’ law firms; Co-Counsel Michael Carey; and investigators Carol Morris and Jake Rutledge.

A Plot of Betrayal

The Suspicious Activity story unfolds in the wake of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, when a sinister reality emerges: the lingering threat of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and EFPs (Explosively Formed Penetrators), deadly tools of terror that continue to haunt both soldiers overseas and civilians at home. But what if these weapons of destruction are not merely remnants of past conflicts, but rather part of a sinister web of deceit woven by shadowy figures with global reach?

At the heart of the mystery lies a shocking revelation suggesting a major global bank with a significant presence in New York City could be funding the production and distribution of these deadly devices. It’s up to Deke Deketomis, managing partner for one of the nation’s largest plaintiffs’ law firms, and his team of legal warriors to unravel the dark forces at play, enabling such nefarious activities to evade the watchful eye of the Department of Justice.

With the aid of Michael Carey’s courageous friend and war veteran, Joel Hartbeck—who risks it all to blow the whistle on the bank’s illicit dealings—the Deketomis team uncovers a tangled web of deceit and danger. But as they peel back the layers of deception, they soon realize that their pursuit of justice has placed them squarely in the crosshairs of a dangerous right-wing paramilitary group, determined to protect the interests of their elusive benefactors at any cost.

Inspired by News Headlines

Papantonio said the narrative for his book could be torn from headlines of recent history, for example those that briefly exposed HSBC’s questionable involvement in criminal ventures. In the early 2010’s, HSBC UK pled guilty to laundering money, both for terrorists and drug cartels, and even signed a multi-page document admitting to their actions.

“They admitted knowing they were dealing with terrorists and drug cartels. They admitted knowing Americans were affected, that people were being killed and injured. They admitted they made a load of money—hundreds of billions of dollars—through it all,” Papantonio said. “Nobody was prosecuted. Nobody spent time behind bars.”

Where to Buy “Suspicious Activity”

Hardcover copies and Kindle versions of “Suspicious Activity” can be ordered on Amazon. Individuals who attend Mass Torts Made Perfect, LPR’S semi-annual legal conference, can stop by the Levin Papantonio Rafferty booth to meet the author and get a signed copy of the book, as well as other previously published legal thrillers Papantonio has written.

About Author Mike Papantonio

Mike Papantonio, a renowned author, is celebrated for his compelling narratives that blend legal expertise with riveting storytelling. Inspired by a prolific career spanning decades as a senior partner at Levin Papantonio Rafferty law firm, Papantonio has penned numerous popular legal thrillers, captivating readers with his insightful exploration of legal thrillers and social justice issues:

  1. Suspicious Activity
  2. Inhuman Trafficking
  3. Law and Addiction
  4. Law and Vengeance
  5. Law and Disorder

Besides his growly work of legal thrillers, Papantonio has also penned non-fiction books, particularly those exploring legal and political issues. Some of his notable works include In Search of Atticus Finch: A Motivational Book for Lawyers (1996); Clarence Darrow, the Journeyman (1997); and Resurrecting Aesop: Fables Lawyers Should Remember (2000). These books offer insights into the legal profession and are treated as required reading in law schools.

Papantonio is also widely known as the founder, former host, and legal commentator of the nationally syndicated radio show “Ring of Fire” (ROF). He is the host of “America’s Lawyer,” a program on ROF’s YouTube channel, which has over 1 million subscribers. On “America’s Lawyer,” Papantonio provides in-depth investigations into major corporate and government corruption.