“Suspicious Activity” Author Was Inspired by Families of Fallen Heroes to Tell the Story of Bank-Funded Terrorism

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Levin Papantonio Rafferty (LPR) Attorney Mike Papantonio has announced the release of his new book, Suspicious Activity. As with previous novels, Papantonio has wielded a mighty pen to expose social injustices and corporate wrongdoings. 

In his latest book, Papantonio tells the story of nefarious players in the banking industry that allow terrorism to proliferate in the name of profit. The plot is torn from modern-day headlines and developed with Attorney Chris Paulos, who heads LPR’s counterterrorism unit, to accurately depict how funds wind their way from bank to bank, across the globe, and into the hands of terrorists. 

A Way to Get the Word Out

However shocking the revelations may be to most readers, Papantonio and Paulos know of one group for whom these details of betrayal are sadly too familiar—the families who have lost sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers because of financial industry greed.

“Our law firm represents hundreds of families of fallen heroes, and these families were on my mind and in my heart as I wrote this book,” Papantonio said.  

“In working with these families, Chris and I have experienced firsthand how deeply frustrated they are that the story of banks’ culpability in the deaths of their family members has yet to be acknowledged—in court or otherwise,” Papantonio continued.

“These soldiers went to Iraq and Afghanistan to protect liberties and freedoms, not to serve a banker’s needs or billionaire’s dreams to make more money.”

Papantonio understands that for some families who have lost a loved one to an act of terror, his book will be too painful a reminder of the losses they have suffered. 

However, he hopes this depiction of financial institutions’ role in facilitating terrorism will bring vindication to other families whose grief is compounded by the sense that this national betrayal has never come to light. 

“I hope they will see this book as one way I know to get the word out about what’s happening right under our noses,” Papantonio said. 

Bestseller Status

Suspicious Activity was released on March 19, 2024, and the book has already reached the #1 spot on Amazon’s list of bestseller financial thrillers, meaning it has struck a chord with a significant portion of the reading population. 

“I hope as more people read the book and talk about this betrayal, word will spread, and culpability will lead to accountability,” Papantonio said. 

Recommended for Military Veterans

Suspicious Activity has been chosen as a recommended book for The Book Revue’s Military Veteran Community. The 5 Star Review states:

“With a deft hand at building a complex web of peril and deceit, Papantonio and Paulos skillfully build tension and keep readers on the edge of their seats…In addition to being entertaining, Suspicious Activity makes [readers] reflect on current concerns like corporate responsibility and the true cost of war. The writers give the story realism by utilizing their legal knowledge, which gives weight to the complex legal strategy and dramatic courtroom scenes…Suspicious Activity is a masterwork of legal intrigue and suspense.” 

Where to Buy “Suspicious Activity”

Hardcover copies and Kindle versions of Suspicious Activity can be ordered on Amazon. Individuals who attend Mass Torts Made Perfect, LPR’S semi-annual legal conference, can stop by the LPR booth to meet the author and get a signed copy of the book, as well as other previously published legal thrillers Papantonio has written. 

About Author Mike Papantonio

Papantonio is a senior partner of Levin Papantonio Rafferty (LPR), one of the country’s largest plaintiffs’ law firms, and was one of the youngest inductees into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame. He has aggressively taken on Big Pharma, tobacco, weapons manufacturers, and the automobile industry, among other bastions of corporate greed, and uses his own cases as springboards for his novels. He was a lead lawyer in the national opioid litigation.

A renowned author, Papantonio is celebrated for his compelling narratives that blend legal expertise with riveting storytelling. Inspired by a prolific career spanning decades as a senior partner at LPR, Papantonio has penned numerous popular legal thrillers, captivating readers with his insightful exploration of legal and social justice issues:

  • Suspicious Activity   
  • Inhuman Trafficking
  • Law and Addiction
  • Law and Vengeance
  • Law and Disorder

Besides his growing work of legal thrillers, Papantonio has also written several non-fiction books that explore legal and political issues. Some of his notable works include In Search of Atticus Finch: A Motivational Book for Lawyers (1996); Clarence Darrow, the Journeyman (1997); and Resurrecting Aesop: Fables Lawyers Should Remember (2000). These books offer insights into the legal profession and are treated as required reading in law schools.

Papantonio is also widely known as the founder, former host, and legal commentator of the nationally syndicated radio show “Ring of Fire” (ROF). He is the host of “America’s Lawyer,” a program on ROF’s YouTube channel, which has over 1 million subscribers. On “America’s Lawyer,” Papantonio provides in-depth investigations into major corporate and government corruption.

About Chris Paulos

Christopher G. Paulos is an attorney and partner at Levin Papantonio Rafferty. His career includes litigating some of the largest and most complex pharmaceutical, medical device, and environmental mass torts, as well as government fraud and federal false claims act cases. With the San Diego County Public Defender’s Office and in private practice, Chris handled matters involving organized crime, drug trafficking, and sophisticated fraud. He now leads the firm’s counterterrorism litigation team, spearheading some of the country’s most cutting-edge cases and holding those who commit and support terrorism, wherever they may be found, accountable for their heinous acts.