Pradaxa Side Effects

Levin Papantonio is currently pursuing claims against the manufacturer of the blood-thinning medication Pradaxa. Pradaxa, made by Boehringer Ingelheim, has been associated with hundreds of fatal bleeding events.

The makers of Pradaxa are heavily promoting their latest drug as the new and improved alternative to Warfarin – the standard front line therapy for Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) for more than 50 years. Pradaxa has no known reversal agent.  This stands in stark contrast to Warfarin, which can be reversed in the event of an emergency or bleeding event.

Unlike Pradaxa, the risk and benefits of Warfarin have been rigorously studied and are well understood by doctors and patients. While numerous studies have established Warfarin as safe and effective, Pradaxa’s safety and effectiveness is only supported by one. While the study appeared to support Pradaxa’s miracle claim of 35% reduction in strokes compared to Warfarin – the study also revealed a troubling Pradaxa side effect – a statistically significant increase risk of gastrointestinal bleeding.

The makers of the drug argue this increased risk of Pradaxa bleeding is outweighed by the decreased risk of stroke. Doctors and regulators are starting to question whether this is true. While Pradaxa claims a significant stroke risk reduction, –  the study was plagued with data integrity errors and its design is subject to bias with18 of the 20 named authors having reported a financial conflict of interest with the makers of Pradaxa.

Levin Papantonio is actively seeking clients who experienced gastrointestinal bleeding, severe internal bleeding or any other irregular Pradaxa bleeding event resulting in death or hospitalization. Please contact Levin Papantonio lawyers Troy Rafferty or Ned McWilliams for more information.;

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