Wage, Hour & Overtime Lawyers

Wage and Hour Lawsuits

Levin Papantonio lawyers handle cases on behalf of employees who are the victims of wage, hour & overtime theft. Employees have the right to be paid fairly under state and federal law. That means eligible employees are entitled to a minimum wage, appropriate overtime pay, and pay for every minute that they are working for their employers. Unfortunately, some companies believe they need to cheat their employees by bending the rules.

We represent those workers whose companies unfairly cut their paychecks by:

  1. Not paying for all hours worked
  2. Not paying overtime when it is due
  3. Wrongly telling employees that a fixed weekly salary means there is no right to overtime
  4. Not paying the minimum wage
  5. Not paying employees for work tasks done at home or out of the office
  6. Not paying for training, “teambuilding,” or other mandatory functions
  7. Wrongly classifying employees as exempt from overtime
  8. Wrongly classifying employees as independent contractors
  9. And using other unfair practices to chisel their own employees on payday


Many of these practices hit hourly and lower-paid workers the hardest. At Levin Papantonio, we believe it is despicable for employers to cheat their employees out of their pay—particularly hardworking people who deserve to keep every dollar they earn. Some employees know they are subject to these practices but keep working out of a belief they have no choice.

Fortunately, federal and state laws are strongly protective of employees’ rights. Under federal law, employees are entitled to full repayment of lost wages, plus an additional penalty equal to the amount of the lost wages, plus attorney’s fees and costs of suit. And it is illegal for an employer to retaliate or punish any participant in a Wage and Hour lawsuit. State laws may grant additional rights and protections on top of these rights.

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