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Legal Thriller Author Mike Papantonio’s Latest Novel “Suspicious Activity” Uncovers the World of Bank-Funded Terrorism

March 28, 2024

Levin Papantonio Rafferty Attorney Mike Papantonio announces the release of his new book, Suspicious Activity. The work is an epic drama of intrigue, suspense, thrills, and legal combat—torn straight from today’s headlines about bank-funded terrorism. Papantonio tapped the expertise of LPR Attorney Chris Paulos, who heads up the Counter-Terrorism unit at the law firm, as a […]

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Autocallable Notes Can be High-Risk Investments

February 23, 2024

Do you have questions about these complex products? We’re here to help…. These structured notes are not suitable for conservative or retiree investors who seek safe yield. The notes are complex and can lead to steep losses on investors when markets are unpredictable. What are they? Structured products are complex securities derived from or based […]

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Auction Rate Securities Still Frozen

February 9, 2024

Levin Papantonio is investigating claims against broker-dealers who recommended auction rate securities to investors as an alternative to “cash equivalents.” In fact, almost $330 billion of auction rate securities and other similar investments were recommended to investors as a place to hold cash for those who had short-term time horizons. Of course, these investors were […]

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